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The Pinnacle of Personalized Luxury

Elegance that lasts a lifetime

Our luxurious custom shower doors and specialty building products are built to withstand your family’s daily use while transforming your home with style. Increase your quality of life, impress your guests, and transform your home from basic to a masterpiece with H2.

From existing homes to new builds

We get it — you want to upgrade your home beyond the unreliable big-box basics that start peeling, cracking, or fading after a couple years. You dream of a spa-like bath or a cozy Hallmark-inspired fireplace (or maybe both), but you dread picking products that don’t live up to their promise.

At H2, our specialty building solutions combine striking, contemporary design with durability.

Every custom piece undergoes rigorous quality control so it stands out aesthetically and withstands everyday family chaos. Discover the difference ultra-premium building materials make, with craftsmanship that awes now and endures for years.

Commercial modern bathroom with freestanding tub, walk-in shower, and double vanity.

The antidote to uninspired decor

When you’re looking to enhance your home, it all starts with that spa-like experience. Our frameless shower doors serve as a luxurious and functional centerpiece, infusing luxury into any bathroom. But besides being a jaw-dropping design statement, our custom shower enclosures flaunt functionality standing up to kids, pets, guests, and everything life throws their way.

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Learn more about our custom shower doors and how they can enhance your home.

What our customers are saying

Have it all with H2

Here at H2, we don’t just provide homeowners access to high-quality custom shower doors, we help you enhance your entire space. We handle everything from design to installation, ensuring your satisfaction. Let us refine the look and feel of your home.

Warm & Cozy

Create a warm and cozy atmosphere with custom fireplaces.

Maximize Space

Maximize your space and declutter with closet and organizers.


Add a touch of elegance and functionality with our bath accessories.

Your home, your way

Trust our team at H2 to provide a curated selection of building specialties that check every box for your home. We intimately understand the demands of everyday home use and stand behind the products we supply 100%. 

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