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Custom Frameless Shower Doors

Enhance Your Bathroom Into a Luxurious Retreat with Crystal View Shower Doors

High-quality, easy clean, perfect fit

More than just a functional necessity, shower doors serve as an elegant design focal point and set the tone for your entire bathroom. With custom doors meticulously designed for your unique space, you can transform an everyday routine into a rejuvenating escape.

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Offering Crystal View Shower Doors

H2 is the proud owner and supplier of Crystal View Shower Doors. We offer semi-frameless and frameless shower doors for just about any configuration, with top-of-the-line products and expert design and installation for homeowners, builders, and general contractors to boot. Every one of our custom shower doors is manufactured exactly to your specifications. Whether you need a fully enclosed shower or a partial, simple, or complex installation, we’ll walk you through the process from consultation to professional installation, and warranty protection.

Experience unmatched quality with our premium custom shower doors, say goodbye to cookie-cutter solutions and embrace options tailor-made for your space.

From sliders and swing doors to door and panel setups and corner and neo-angle configurations, we offer versatile options to complement any residential or commercial layout.

It’s time for a better experience

Sick and tired of your shower curtain? Cloudy films on your shower door that never come clean? We’ve all experienced the headaches of lackluster shower curtains and cheap doors that make you feel cramped and closed-in. Don’t sacrifice your bathroom’s spacious vibe — or make it feel smaller — by walling off part of it behind a cheap curtain. Frameless shower doors maintain that light and airy aesthetic, making room for plenty of natural light. You deserve a better bathroom. And we’re here to deliver it.

Experience the Difference

Browse our selection of custom options to complement your bathroom.


White subway tiles with a single vertical stripe of blue accent tiles and glass shower doors.


A textured glass shower door next to a smooth tiled wall.


Frosted glass shower doors beside a white tiled wall with one row of blue accent tiles.

Satin Glass

Hardware Finishes

Overhead view of a modern, square-shaped black shower sink attached to a wall with sleek doors.

Matte Black

A modern, square-shaped chrome door handle on a white shower door.


Black metal lockbox mounted on a wall near the shower doors.

Oil Rubbed Bronze

Stainless steel square towel ring mounted on a white wall beside shower doors.

Polished Nickel

Brushed gold handle on a white shower door.

Brushed Gold

Stainless steel modern door handle on a white shower door.

Brushed Stainless Steel

Stainless steel door handle on a white shower door.

Brushed Nickel

Modern brass handle on a white shower door.

Brushed Bronze

Modern, minimalist light switch on a white wall near shower doors.

Satin Nickel

Shower Door Handles

Metal carabiner with a screw lock mechanism designed for shower doors.

C Pull

Stainless steel modern shower door towel radiator.


Silver oval-shaped shower doors with hinges on a white background.


A plain, metal bookend against shower doors on a white background.


Enhance your residential or commercial bathroom

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for long lasting shower doors for commercial use in a gym or completely custom, elegant shower doors to enhance your home, we’ve got you covered at H2. Get in touch with us, tell us more about your project, and one of our expert team members will be in touch shortly.

What we offer

At H2, we work with you to get you the shower doors you want. Not sure what you’re looking for? Here are some top picks.


Frameless Shower Enclosures

Our Frameless line sets the gold standard for custom showers. Available in virtually limitless sizes and layouts, these enclosures utilize thick 3/8” or 1/2” tempered safety glass cut to your exact specifications. Add our glass surface protection coating to keep your shower glass pristine and make cleaning easy.



For a versatile classic look, our hybrid line features clean frameless reversible swing doors that seamlessly accommodate uneven wall surfaces and fiberglass shower walls. This alternative hinge component offers a high-end yet understated aesthetic giving our hybrid a high-end yet understated aesthetic, while the doors provide a frameless option for out-of-square conditions. Be sure to include the glass surface protection coatings to protect your investment.


Shower Doors

We offer a range of shower door styles, from modern to traditional models, that can be customized to match any aesthetic vision. Utilizing robust features like water barrier channels and door magnet seals paired with customizable hardware and glass options, our semi-frameless shower doors can accommodate various shower layouts from a bypass sliding door, a door that swings or requires a neo angle door.

With H2’s expert design team guiding customized creation for your exact shower space, we provide high-quality enclosures made to match your dream style.

Comparison of treated versus untreated shower doors showing water repellency properties.

Protect your investment with Diamon-Fusion®

We know the importance of preserving the pristine beauty and functionality of your shower doors. That’s why we offer glass protection treatments that keep your glass looking as clean as it did on day one.


A transparent glass sculpture with abstract wave-like patterns reminiscent of shower doors.


Clear plastic blister pack with multiple compartments for shower doors.

what's Diamon-Fusion®?

Diamon-Fusion® is an ultra-thin, UV resistant, nano-scale coating that transforms ordinary glass into a high-performing, water-repellent surface that is significantly easier to clean and maintain.

how it works

By creating an invisible barrier that smooths the surface, Diamon-Fusion allows your glass to stay cleaner longer between cleanings. It bonds securely at a molecular level to seal the glass and prevent damage from environmental pollutants.


Say farewell to water spots, soap scum, and mineral deposits, and hello to sparkling, crystal-clear glass that enhances the overall aesthetic of your bathroom.

What our customers are saying

Time to add some elegance and functionality

Get in touch with us for all of your residential and commercial premium custom shower door needs. We’ll handle it all — from initial design to finalization and installation — all you have to do is tell us about your project. 

What makes
“Low-Iron” Glass different?

There are typically 3 levels of clarity: Clear, Crystal Clear, and Low Iron Clear. Clear has a higher level of iron, which will give more of a green tint. We use Crystal Clear as our standard, which looks very clear but with some greenish tint on the edges. Low Iron Glass still has a tint, but it shows more of a “blue” or “dark aqua” in lieu of the greenish tint that low high iron glass provides.  Typically, Low Iron Glass is used in showers with white tile.

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